Viewfinder Release Notes

Version 1.5.4 – June 11th 2016

  • Replaced Flickr API key – Using all previous versions of Viewfinder will result in errors, due to previous API key expiring

Version 1.5.3 – October 1st 2014

  • Support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite

Version 1.5.2 – July 15th 2014

  • Updated Support Request URL

Version 1.5.1 – June 17th 2014

  • Copy files to the Pictures folder before setting the desktop background

Version 1.5 – May 27th 2014

  • HTTPS connections to Flickr
  • Last search terms are remembered whether you use toolbar search or the search sheet
  • Search sheet terms are added to toolbar search field recent searches
  • Download errors are now displayed properly in the Downloads window
  • After June 27th 2014, using all previous versions of Viewfinder will result in errors, due to Flickr now requiring HTTPS connections

Version 1.4.6 – April 16th 2014

  • Compatibility with Keynote 6.2
  • Fix exporting photos with double quotes (") in the filename to Keynote
  • Select new photo slide in Keynote

Version 1.4.5 – December 19th 2013

  • 2160px size filter

Version 1.4.4 – November 1st 2013

  • Allow creating folders when specifying an alternate download folder

Version 1.4.3 – September 21st 2013 Direct edition only

  • Updating to 1.4.2 would cause the direct edition to become unregistered – fixed

Version 1.4.2 – September 9th 2013

  • Runs in App Sandbox Direct edition only
  • More responsive over cellular network speeds
  • Filters out duplicate photos returned by Flickr
  • Loading a new set of photo thumbnails would cancel any incomplete thumbnail downloads – fixed
  • Loading a photo in QuickLook would happen after all thumbnail downloads – now prioritized
  • Scrolling to new photos when a new set is loaded now works on every load not just infinite scrolling

Version 1.4.1 – June 5th 2013

  • Fix an occasional crash when downloading a photo

Version 1.4 – May 8th 2013

  • Runs in App Sandbox Mac App Store edition only
  • New options in Help menu (Video Tutorials, Release Notes, and Support Request)
  • Crash reporter
  • Adds creator contact info to photo EXIF data
  • Scrolls to new images when loading more
  • Help book is now correctly indexed and searchable
  • Fixed an issue when canceling the selection of an alternative download folder
  • Infinite scrolling would try to load more images when no more were available – fixed
  • More reliably prevents Orphan Works
  • Uses the correct EXIF field for the Creative Commons license info
  • Fixes possible unexpected search behavior when loading more images
  • Help book has updated look
  • If you had specified an alternative download folder in a previous version of Viewfinder, you will need to set it again.
  • Reflects new company name, Glencode LLC

Version 1.3.1 – March 25th 2013 Direct edition only

  • Fix issue drawing non-downloadable photo tag on retina displays on OS X Mountain Lion

Version 1.3 – February 4th 2013 Direct edition only

  • Support for Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion
  • In-app purchase
  • Enter Full Screen menu item
  • Restore support for Growl notifications
  • After canceling downloads during trials, the downloads in progress alert may still be displayed on quit – fixed
  • If the search term was changed or cleared, before the License or Sort was the changed, the search would execute but the previous search term was used – fixed
  • If Export to Keynote was used and Keynote was not installed, Viewfinder would hang indefinitely – fixed by introducing a check for the presence of Keynote
  • When exporting to Keynote successfully, Viewfinder would briefly hang – fixed
  • Software Update is no longer optional
  • Minimum OS: OS X 10.7.3

Version 1.2.1 – November 26th 2012 Direct edition only

  • License viewer
  • Find command in Edit menu would not work if the main window was not the frontmost window – fixed
  • Use the search sheet for the Find command when the toolbar is in text-only mode or hidden
  • Find command keyboard shortcut is now Cmd-F

Version 1.2 – November 15th 2012 Direct edition only

  • Infinite scrolling. Scroll to the bottom and more images are downloaded.
  • Compatible with Gatekeeper
  • 1800px size filter
  • Size filter is now based on common resolutions
  • Retina display support
  • Updated UI
  • Non-downloadable photos are tagged
  • Window menu contents have been cleaned up
  • Fixes hanging after searching on OS X Mountain Lion
  • Cancelled image downloads now display correctly in the UI
  • Don't penalize unregistered users for cancelled downloads
  • Disable image actions in download contextual menu until download completes
  • Clearing downloads did not clear failed or cancelled downloads – fixed
  • The contextual menu for a non-downloadable photo no longer has download options enabled
  • Background software update checks would not run until a manual check had been run – fixed
  • HTML block is now valid markup
  • After using the contextual menu for a photo, the menu would appear again – fixed
  • Viewfinder is now owned by Sweeter Rhythm, LLC
  • Minimum OS: Mac OS X 10.6.8
  • This is the last major release to support Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Version 1.1.1 – July 14th 2011 Mac App Store edition only

  • Special build of 1.1 for the Mac App Store

Version 1.1 – July 2nd 2011

  • A new menu item Downloadable Images Only allows you to hide images that you can't download from view.
  • Viewfinder supports full-screen mode on Mac OS X 10.7.
  • Includes some support for automatic resume on Mac OS X 10.7.
  • Viewfinder is now more efficient with your bandwidth when loading large numbers of images.

Version 1.0.6 – January 28th 2010

  • Viewfinder now supports pinch to zoom the browser on newer laptop trackpads.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Search in Viewfinder service from starting a search after launching the app.
  • Viewfinder now shows a suppressible alert when "Load More" brings back no results.
  • If a photo's title includes '/', Viewfinder now substitutes that character before saving the file, rather than falling back on the Flickr file name.

Version 1.0.5 – November 27th 2009

  • Viewfinder now supports paging through results with the Load More button, rather than reloading every time.
  • Added a Service for searching selected text in Viewfinder.
  • Fixed a priority bug in queueing images for download to improve thumbnail display performance with large result sets.

Version 1.0.4 – November 21st 2009

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Copy HTML menu item to always be enabled, even when not appropriate.

Version 1.0.3 – November 21st 2009

  • Added "Copy HTML Block" command to Edit menu and browser contextual menu.
  • Tidied up download manager contextual menu.

Version 1.0.2 – November 12th 2009

  • Added a suppressible alert when the search returns no results.
  • Improved the display of network-error-related alert sheets.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause Reveal and Set Desktop to fail if a file was moved after download.
  • Added search sheet for the case in which the toolbar is in text-only mode.

Version 1.0.1 – November 7th 2009

  • Improved handling of multiple displays when both are identically named.
  • Fixed a bug that caused display names to use the wrong localisation in the multiple display alert sheet.
  • Fixed a typo in the unregistered sheet.

Version 1.0 – November 5th 2009

  • First public release


Mac App Store edition Mac App Store edition only
Direct edition Direct edition only

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