Viewfinder, powerful photo search and download

Viewfinder is a Mac application that dramatically simplifies the process of finding, downloading and using images from Flickr.

Take a Picture

Viewfinder searches Flickr's over six billion photos in a snap to bring you the images you need. You can search tags, titles and descriptions and sort by most interesting, most relevant or most recent.

Viewfinder also helps you find images with Creative Commons licenses and generates attribution text for you.

Presentation Maven

If you like to present in a style beyond yellow text on a blue background, Viewfinder is the application for you. With Keynote integration, Viewfinder turns the tedious search-download-hunt-drag-trash cycle into a painless one-click process.

Addicted to Desktop Pictures?

Flickr has over 6,000,000,000 and many are available to freely download and use. With Viewfinder, they're yours in one click.

Viewfinder for Flickr Photographers

If you're a photographer using Flickr to share your work, Viewfinder works hard to protect your content. Please see the Viewfinder FAQ for information on allowing or disallowing Viewfinder access to your images.


OS X Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8, Mavericks 10.9, Yosemite 10.10, El Capitan 10.11, or macOS  Sierra 10.12 (10.7.3 or later)

Broadband internet connection

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