Harmony, worship presentation for Mac

Harmony is an innovative and unique take on worship presentation. It started with a belief that you shouldn't need costly software just to project lyrics on a motion background. Small churches and those on low budgets should be able to have great presentations too. Harmony was the first worship presentation app to use Quartz Compositions, the first to have motion lyrics, and with version 2.0, the first to support a series of networked confidence monitors.

New in version 3!

Flexible media management, Quartz Composition Input Sets, retina display support, themes for scripture, display actions in services and lots more.


Eliminate paper with the Concord add-on for OS X and iOS. When Harmony displays lyrics, Concord stations display those lyrics too. No setup. It just works.


Harmony doesn't just do static lyrics. It puts your lyrics in motion as you sing.

Full media support

Still images, movies and Quartz Compositions are all supported for playback and as backgrounds. Plays interactive movies exported by Keynote.

Widescreen support

Harmony intelligently scales everything to the size and aspect ratio of the projector, TV or monitor that it is attached to.

SongSelect Import with autologon

Import songs from CCLI's SongSelect without leaving Harmony.  Harmony can securely store your SongSelect username and password for automatic access.

Build services

Gather your songs, scripture verses and media for each service.  All previous services are easily accessible.

Live search

Get search results instantly by entering words from a song title, a song writer’s name or perform a full text search of all song lyrics.


Use all of the popular translations through integration with Accordance Bible.

Nursery Call

Parents of children who require attention can be called by placing their child’s check in number on top left corner of the presentation.

Operator options

Can be driven by keyboard, mouse or remote control.


Themes allow you to control fonts, alignment, case, color, drop shadow, default backgrounds and other options. Themes are applied to songs and scripture in your services.

Do anything at any moment

Because anything can happen, Harmony is designed to get you to any song or media item in a flash.

Preview Window

If you don’t always have a second monitor or projector handy, Harmony will provide a smaller preview on a single monitor system.

Supported Languages

Harmony comes with English, Español, français and Deutsch translations built-in.


The help manual is included with the application.


OS X Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8, Mavericks 10.9, Yosemite 10.10, El Capitan 10.11, or macOS  Sierra 10.12 (10.7.3 or later)

An Apple Mac computer capable of supporting 2 displays and Quartz Extreme

SongSelect importing requires a subscription from CCLI and Internet connection

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