Without the capital F

Before Harmony 1.0 shipped, I had an idea for something called the Harmony Foundation that would raise money to supply and install projection equipment along with our software in needy churches and ministry centers. At this point, Sweeter Rhythm has not grown to the stage of being able to support such a enormous administrative undertaking. While we try to put Harmony’s price in reach, there are still those who can’t afford it. Therefore, today, we're going to open the foundation without the capital F.

Here's how it works: Tell us your story and we'll give you a free copy of Harmony. It's that simple. We want to bless the tireless work of men and women in difficult circumstances.

Here's a few examples of who we're thinking about. (But it's by no means exhaustive.)

•Planting a new church? Great.

•Working in a closed country? Write now.

•Showing Jesus love in a deprived neighborhood? Bless you.

•Running a student ministry in a school or university with next to no income? Awesome.

•Want to translate Harmony into your own language? Let's work together.

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