WANTED: Harmony beta testers

The first Harmony 3.1 beta will be out in a week. We are looking for long time customers, new customers, the press, app reviewers, in fact anybody interested in testing Harmony 3.1 (and future versions!), to sign up in our HockeyApp instance. HockeyApp provides great feedback submission and automated crash reporting features.

We've been having great success with HockeyApp. We first tested it out with the Viewfinder 1.4 beta. After we shipped Viewfinder 1.4 to customers, a few rare crashes were reported using HockeyApp. We were able to pinpoint the bugs, fix them and ship Viewfinder 1.4.1. Almost 2 months later, no crashes have been reported in Viewfinder 1.4.1.

Amongst the improvements in Harmony 3.1 is the HockeyApp crash reporter and we're exciting about making Harmony even more stable than it already is.

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