Viewfinder 1.4.6 - Support for Keynote 6.2

When Keynote 6 shipped in October of last year, it lacked the mechanism that had allowed Viewfinder to export images to all previous versions of Keynote. Then on April 1, Apple shipped Keynote 6.2 which restored this functionality.

Viewfinder 1.4.6 is now available and it correctly supports all versions of Keynote. It is a free upgrade for all customers and is available through our normal software update channels.

In celebration of this release, we are putting Viewfinder for sale for $4.99 for one week - that’s 66% off! Available in our store or the Mac App Store

And lastly, we are also announcing that Viewfinder is now available for a discounted price in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for educational institutions.

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