Real Artists Thank

Having shipped Harmony 1.0, it's time to publicly thank the many people whose contribution made it possible to get to this point.

  • Wolf Rentzsch, who let me into C4[2] at the last moment.
  • The code snippets of Matt Gemmell and Matt Gallacher.
  • John Engelhart for RegexKitLite, Andy Matuschak for Sparkle, Gus Mueller for FMDB, Dave Batton for DBPrefsWindowController and Stu Connolly for SCEvents.
  • The authors, Aaron Hillegass, Marcus Zarra and Bill Dudney.
  • My collaborators on the store: Kevin Hoctor, Tom Harrington and DeLynn Berry.
  • Andrew Mondy of Denver United Church and Greig Hess of 316 who let me experiment on their congregants. We ended up with a significantly better product because of it.
  • Three quality guys who gave me one-on-one help: Matt Long, Fraser Speirs and Marcus Zarra.
  • My mum and step-dad who spent many airmiles to make my trip to C4[2] possible with very short notice.
  • My wife Elizabeth and son Nathan who let me spend so much time in the basement and the library and the Panera Bread and the ...
  • And yes, I know it’s a cliché, but I do have to thank Jesus, for whom all this is for.

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