OS X Yosemite & Glencode Apps

What is OS X Yosemite?

Today Apple released OS X Yosemite. It is the latest release of OS X, the operating system for Apple's Mac computers, and it replaces OS X Mavericks. It's version number is 10.10.

Which versions of Glencode's apps are supported on OS X Yosemite?

Harmony 3.1.5, Concord 1.2.2, Viewfinder 1.5.3 and Particulars 1.2.

How do I update to these new versions?

Yosemite-compatible version of our apps are free upgrades for all customers and are available through our normal software update channels.

Note of caution

For existing Harmony customers, it is our express recommendation to not upgrade to OS X Yosemite in a live setting until you have tested this on your own system at a non-critical time.

For all our customers, if you encounter bugs or other unexpected behavior, please report a problem in our support system.

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