OS X Mavericks & Glencode Apps

What is OS X Mavericks?

Today Apple released OS X Mavericks. It is the new release of OS X, the operating system for Apple's Mac computers, and replaces OS X Mountain Lion. It's version number is 10.9.

Which versions of Glencode's apps are supported on OS X Mavericks?

Harmony 3.0.7, Concord 1.2.1 and Viewfinder 1.4.3.

I purchased Harmony from the Mac App Store. I don't see the 3.0.7 update.

The 3.0.7 update has been submitted to the Mac App Store and is awaiting approval.

UPDATE Oct 23, 2013: 3.0.7 has been approved for the Mac App Store.

I purchased Viewfinder from the Mac App Store. I don't see the 1.4.3 update.

The 1.4.3 update fixed one bug in the direct edition and therefore was not made available in the Mac App Store. Viewfinder 1.4.2 from the MAS is supported on OS X Mavericks.

Note of caution

As with all major computer upgrades, we advise you to test in your environment before going live.

If you encounter bugs or other unexpected behavior, please log a problem in our support system.

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