OS X Lion & Harmony Q&A

What is OS X Lion?

A few weeks ago, Apple announced that OS X Lion 10.7 would be available in July 2011. It replaces OS X 10.6, also known as Snow Leopard.

Does Harmony run on OS X Lion?

We are pleased to announce that Harmony 2.1.1 is fully supported on Macs running OS X Lion.

What do I need to be aware of?

You should upgrade to Harmony 2.1.1 and run it once before upgrading to OS X Lion.

Why does Harmony need to be upgraded first?

Changes in OS X Lion mean that the CCLI numbers in songs will be corrupted if the Harmony 2.1.1 upgrade is not completed first.

What are my choices if I've already upgraded to OS X Lion?

1) You may ignore the problem as CCLI numbers are not displayed outside of the song editor.

2) You can send Sweeter Rhythm a backup of your Harmony.db file that hasn't yet been opened on OS X Lion. We will upgrade the file and send it back to you. For more information on where the Harmony.db is stored, see the manual.

I purchased Harmony from the Mac App Store. I don't see the 2.1.1 upgrade.

The 2.1.1 upgrade has been submitted to the Mac App Store and we have asked Apple for a expedited review because of the nature of the bug being resolved.

UPDATE Jul 16, 2011: Harmony 2.1.1 has been approved and can updated from the Updates tab in the Mac App Store.

Does Harmony 2.1.1 run on OS X Snow Leopard?

Yes. All 2.x versions of Harmony will run on OS X Snow Leopard.

If you encounter bugs or other unexpected behavior, please log a problem in our support system.

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