Keynote 6 & Glencode Apps

Keynote 6 is a major rewrite of Apple's presentation application and changes made in Keynote 6 impact the users of our applications. Some features from previous versions of Keynote are missing in Keynote 6. Shortly after Keynote 6 was announced, Apple indicated it would restore some of the missing features.


Harmony plays back manually advanced QuickTime movies exported by Keynote 1-5. Keynote 6 still exports QuickTime movies but has removed the ability to export manually advanced movies. While consulting with Apple on this issue, we were informed that this feature will not be restored, due to changes in QuickTime in OS X Mavericks.

In the next version of Harmony, we will note in the help manual that Keynote 6 no longer supports this feature. In addition, we will continue to explore ways to support Keynote 6 playback in future versions of Harmony.


One of Viewfinder’s key features is the ability to create image slides directly in Keynote. Due to a lack of AppleScript support in Keynote 6, Viewfinder cannot create image slides in Keynote 6. While Apple has publicly committed to restoring AppleScript to Keynote by May 2014, we do not yet know if the specific AppleScript calls used by Viewfinder will be restored or not. In order to increase the likelihood of this, we have filed a bug report with Apple explaining Viewfinder’s use of AppleScript in Keynote.

When Keynote supports AppleScript once again, we will conduct tests to ensure that image slides can be created. Assuming that works, we will also test that Viewfinder is fully compatible and, if required, we will issue a software update to resolve any issues.

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