Harmony's origins

In the spring of 2005, I was asked by a friend to lead worship every week for a class she was teaching at Colorado Christian University. The classroom we met in had a projector and all I had to do was bring along a laptop for lyric projection. Although I had led worship for many years in my professional life and also installed several projection systems, I had never purchased any worship presentation software for myself.

As the first night of class approached, I found myself unable to choose a software package. On one side was a selection of very capable but highly priced options. On the other were free and low cost options that often were lacking not only in features but in performance too. As I was not being compensated (and this was only for a semester), my "solution" was to run trial versions of the more expensive packages until they expired.

But the question in the back of my mind that wouldn't go away was, "Isn't there a middle ground? Isn't it feasible to have a worship presentation software package that's moderately priced and also has great features and performance?"

I had to wait several years before I could answer my own question. In the interim the technology moved forward (both in software and hardware), making it much easier to create and power this type of software. I dusted off my programming skills and started my endeavor.

Not long after, our family became part of a church plant and when the church had problems with their initial software choice, I was able to step in and propose an alternative. This relationship has grown way beyond the original "test bed" intention. We've written several features at their request, like full lyric search and Concord. It's very much a partnership now.

From there we released Harmony as a resource for the church at large. It has been and continues to be a wild ride.

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