Harmony 3 Preview: Retina support

Harmony 3 is ready for retina (or HiDPI) displays like those found in the 13 and 15 inch retina MacBook Pros. Not only is Harmony's user interface enhanced, version 3 is ready for presenting on retina displays.

Why is this important when HiDPI projectors aren't yet available? Firstly, it's future-readiness. Harmony has always embraced new technologies, for example, 64-bit processing. As these displays become more widespread, Harmony 3 will automatically take advantage. But also, today's retina MacBook Pro owners, can get the full fidelity of their display presenting either in the Preview Window or in Full Screen Display mode.

How does this work for each media type?

Text: it's as beautiful and crisp as you would expect on a retina display

Images: most of photos we already take are larger than today's retina display and will still get scaled down

Quartz Compositions: QC rendering is done at the full retina resolution

Movies: movie resolution standards (even 1080p) aren't up to spec with retina displays and movies will get scaled up

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