Harmony 2.0 is coming

What can I tell you about Harmony 2.0?

I'm not in habit of talking about future releases as I don't like making promises I can't keep. However, work on Harmony 2.0 has progressed to the point where I can make some public statements. 

Harmony 2.0:

- will be out in 2011, probably Q1, but no promises :)

- runs on Snow Leopard and later

- addresses the most frequently requested item: text formatting

- should be available through the Mac App Store as well as in-app purchase

- is a free upgrade from 1.x

In addition, we are looking for native speakers to help translate Harmony 2.0. Specifically, we'd like to work on French and Spanish, but offers for other languages are invited too. In exchange for the translation work, we'd grant you a free license.

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