Back to the Mac App Store - Viewfinder 1.4

Viewfinder 1.4 is now available. In addition to it having a number of enhancements and bug fixes, we are pleased announce that we have resolved Viewfinder's issues with the App Sandbox and are now offering Viewfinder in the Mac App Store.

When Glencode acquired Viewfinder from Connected Flow, Viewfinder was pulled from the Mac App Store because it could not be made compatible with App Sandbox, which is a requirement for all Mac App Store submissions.

Regarding the Viewfinder transition, Mac App Store promo codes are currently only available to Connected Flow customers who purchased Viewfinder from the Mac App Store.


We have been asked several times to clarify two things:

1) Is Viewfinder 1.4 is a free upgrade for all existing customers? Yes it is.

2) How do I update to it? We have posted a document on how our software updates work.

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