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Harmony 3: Media

Since Harmony 1.0, we've had a special Harmony Media folder to store and retrieve media inside Harmony. Since 1.4, we have also had an expert preference called mediaFolderLocation which allowed a user to set an alternate location for the Harmony Media folder. In 2.2 we added automatic detection of the Playback Drive, a media drive from Orange Thread Media. 

Harmony 3: For the untrained volunteer

Harmony has always been designed with a trained operator in mind. And while we still believe that this is the best way to "staff" your projection needs, Harmony 3 has been significant improvements for handing a pre-made service to an untrained volunteer to run. These improvements build on other enhancements made in Harmony 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4, such as custom song ordering and remote control mode.

Harmony 3 Preview: Quartz Composition Input Sets

Quartz Compositions have been supported in Harmony since the beginning. In version 1.4 we improved Harmony's QC support by creating an interface to change a compositions inputs, and also saving the current state of the inputs. In version 3.0, we take this a step further, by saving an Input Set as a present. …

Harmony 3 Preview: Retina support

Harmony 3 is ready for retina (or HiDPI) displays like those found in the 13 and 15 inch retina MacBook Pros. Not only is Harmony's user interface enhanced, version 3 is ready for presenting on retina displays.

Why is this important when HiDPI projectors aren't yet available? …

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