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Harmony fundamentals

During a recent support call, it occurred to me that I had spent so long working on Harmony, and was so familiar with it's premise, that I had failed to properly communicate it fundamentals. So, included in the Harmony 2.4 help manual is this description explaining Harmony's most basic ideas.

IT advice from the trenches

When Mac OS X Lion shipped I suggested on that churches hold off on upgrading. Afterwards I realized that my many years of experience in IT, with a lot of it in schools and churches, could be distilled into a series of recommendations for people implementing projection systems. …

End of the line for NIV 1984 and TNIV

OakTree software announced today that the NIV 1984 and the TNIV translations will no longer be available for Accordance Bible after January 16, 2012 at the request of the publisher. As you may know, Harmony uses Accordance for it's scripture features. If you need to pick up either retiring translation, OakTree are running a sale until the 16th.

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