April 2012 SongSelect upgrade

CCLI announced today that their SongSelect Beta is nearly complete and will be released in "early April". A key feature of Harmony since the very beginning has been great integration with SongSelect. The forthcoming SongSelect upgrade is a significant improvement but it requires changes in Harmony to continue supporting this feature.

Harmony 2.5.2

We are planning a new release of Harmony, 2.5.2, to address continued SongSelect support. This will be released as close to the SongSelect upgrade as possible. While we are working with the SongSelect Beta, the final release of 2.5.2 will be released after it has been tested with the final SongSelect site.

UPDATE Apr 23, 2012: Harmony 2.5.2 is now available.


Due to testing and app store approvals Harmony 2.5.2 may not be available in time for your first service after the new SongSelect site is launched and you may need to import new songs. As a workaround, all versions of Harmony since 2.0 support loading SongSelect .usr files downloaded in a web browser.

Note that Firefox, Chrome and Camino correctly download .usr files. Safari 5.1 and later add a .txt extension to the .usr file.

Harmony 1.5 end of life

Given that SongSelect Import will no longer work in 1.5 and the workaround described above was introduced in 2.0, we feel that we can no longer offer Harmony 1.5 for sale or download and therefore we are discontinuing it at this time.


If you purchased Harmony from the Mac App Store, further software updates are provided in the Mac App Store. If you purchased directly from Sweeter Rhythm, use the Check for Updates item in the Harmony menu.

UPDATE Apr 11, 2012: CCLI have now made the new SongSelect available. The old SongSelect, now renamed SongSelect Classic, continues to be available for a limited time. Harmony 2.5.1 has been successfully tested with SongSelect Classic.

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