A most major minor release

Harmony 2.2 is now available. It has a heavy focus on improvement and refinement. Use the built-in software update, the Mac App Store or download a fresh install to get it. Enjoy!

  • [Feature] Custom order of song sections
  • [Feature] Playback Drive detection (Not in App Store)
  • [Feature] Font scaling
  • [Enhancement] Support for deep folder hierarchy in Harmony Media folder
  • [Enhancement] Selects newly imported song
  • [Enhancement] Improved dragging image from scripture table
  • [Enhancement] Improved dragging image from song table
  • [Enhancement] Updated song credit animation
  • [Enhancement] Keyboard shortcut and menu item for Themes panel
  • [Enhancement] Keyboard shortcut for Duplicate Section
  • [Bugfix] Fix media browser Reveal in Finder for paths outside of the Harmony Media folder
  • [Bugfix] Properly handle missing writers and copyright in song credit animation
  • [Bugfix] Files drags into the media browser now copy in background
  • [Bugfix] Add undo tracking in Themes panel
  • [Bugfix] Rebuild service outline when undoing and redoing
  • [Bugfix] Don't copy default backgrounds after first run
  • [Bugfix] Remember last selected service between relaunches
  • [Bugfix] Remember song table view between relaunches
  • [Bugfix] Remember song editor split view position between relaunches
  • [Bugfix] Allow CCLI numbers to be cleared
  • [Bugfix] Improve behavior of titleless preview window
  • Remove Whiteout
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