A momentous amelioration

If you've been around the Mac community for a few years you may remember the moment at WWDC 2008 when then Apple SVP of Software Engineering, Bertrand Serlet announced that Mac OS X Snow Leopard would have 0 new features. While that zero was a touch hyperbolic, he successfully made the point that Snow Leopard was about refinement and tuning.

A few weeks ago, Harmony turned 2 years old. It's come a long way on the journey from 1.0 to the current release, 2.1.

For each release, we design a narrative: In 1.4 it was media features, including Quartz Composition inputs; In 2.0, Concord, Themes, and localization.

For our next release, 2.2, the narrative is a bit different. Rather than starting work on a list of related features, I started with a list of everything I could see needed refinement. Then I looked at limitations. Specifically, where was Harmony sufficient for my use, but wasn't flexible enough for others? In other words, in 2.2, Harmony gets the Snow Leopard treatment.

I believe resulting release is a momentous amelioration: 2.2 launches faster than 2.1, fixes crucial undo bugs, supports a deep directory hierarchy in the media browser, remembers interface state between relaunches and more. And as for those limitations: 2.2 adds customizing song orders and adjusting calculated font sizes.

I hope you enjoy 2.2 when it's released in the next few weeks.

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