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Glencode shutting down

To my customers:

Thank you.

Thank you, not just for the sales, but for the interest, the correspondence, the encouragement. It means a lot to know that your work helps others.

Today, though, I have to announce that I’m ceasing most of Glencode’s software development. There are many factors that lead to this decision, the most significant one being that I need to make time for other possibilities.

macOS Sierra & Glencode Apps

What is macOS Sierra?

Today Apple released macOS Sierra. It is the latest operating system for Apple's Mac computers, and it replaces OS X El Capitan. (Apple has renamed OS X to macOS with this release.) Sierra’s version number is 10.12.

Which versions of Glencode's apps are supported on macOS Sierra?

Harmony 3.1.11, Concord 1.2.2, Viewfinder 1.5.4 and Particulars 1.4.3

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